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Keep Abortion Legal

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As America is in the midst of a cultural fight for abortion rights the least we can do is dedicate this week’s issue to the cause, shedding light on abortion rights and supporting the women whose bodies are ultimately affected by this. The episodes curated this week are stories of real people behind the abortions. The emotional, physical, social, and financial toll it puts on an individual and what it feels like to come out the other end. Stories featuring doulas, OB-GYNs, mothers, a minister with a change of heart, and Jane Roe of Roe vs Wade. The episode title will be self explanatory and they are all tilltilatingly gut wrenching. Along with each episode is an organization, national and grass roots that are currently most in need of your help and could benefit from your donations. By no means are these all of them but this is a small start, and our little contribution from our small corner of the world.